The Property of a Lady Teaser

Something a bit different, in honor of 007 once again gracing our screens I’ve decided to do a mock up for a potential future James Bond release. For those unaware the title comes from one of the Bond short stories in For Your Eyes Only, always surprised me that they haven’t used this title yet.


This was only a quick job, didn’t really do all that much to it, used one of the promo shots from Casino Royal as my main image, also followed the recent trend of adding the 007 logo within the title logo.

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7 comments on “The Property of a Lady Teaser
  1. batboy99 says:

    Wow! Im stealing that title :p. What font did you use?

  2. joshmc says:

    Futura, it’s a font you have to pay for unfortunately.

  3. batboy99 says:

    Oh too bad 😦 What about the 007 logo, did you find it online?

  4. joshmc says:

    Yeah, just did found another Bond poster and took it from that.

  5. Slane says:

    That title was planned for Timothy Dalton’s third picture but (very) unfortunately it never saw the daylight. Very nice title by the way 🙂

  6. dhutchinson says:

    Actually ‘The Property of a Lady’ was supposed to be one of two possible titles for Timothy Dalton’s 3rd Bond movie set for release in 1991, the other being Goldeneye. But the copyright scandals and court settlements took some time and before production could begin, Dalton resigned in 1994. I am glad that they are finally going to use the title. I would even ask Timothy Dalton to come back. A little make up, and he would be there!!!

  7. John says:

    Outstanding. You should include a picture of Rachel Weisz as the “Lady”, rumored to be the villain in this film.

    Stana Katic, as well, hinting that she would return as “Corrine” from the QoS ending. Your poster would go viral.

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