Has someone at DC Comics used my fan art design?

I was sent this today, some new Joker comic, this panel features a Harley Quinn design that looks amazingly similar to a photo manipulations I did in 2007. I’ll let you be the judge.

New Joker Comic

My photo manipulation from June 2007

Coincidence? Accident? Rip off? What do you think?

UPDATE: I figure I may as well just call this a lost cause, oh well, on to other things!

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17 comments on “Has someone at DC Comics used my fan art design?
  1. Shana says:

    My guess is that it’s a coincidence, or an accident. I doubt that the artist was intending to rip your art off, but I could see them having seen the picture, forgetting about it, and then drawing this without remembering that they’ve seen it. And depending on how much more she shows up, it could just be a cameo that is, yes, your Harley Quinn, but intended to honor you, not rip you off.

    I’d like to give them the benefit of the doubt.

  2. Ishmayl says:

    Yeah, that looks just a bit too close for coincidence…

  3. streetkid says:

    its the same u should sue there a$$

  4. Ellington says:

    Bad Form on DC’s part Joshmc!
    I think you should ask what they are up to, you have every right and I hope that you get a proper answer not something to fob you off!

  5. Joe says:

    It’s most likely a coincidence, but really DC doesn’t owe you anything. Technically you were creating fan art based on their intellectual property. If fans are going to put stuff out there labeled as a certain rendition of a copyrighted character, the owner of said copyrights can technically do whatever they want.

    And no streetkid, he can’t sue them. He doesn’t own the rights.

  6. cmeza says:

    Coincidences happen but I have to admit it seems way too similar to be just that. If the final design is indeed inspired by the fan art , I think the real issue is not whether they own the rights or not (that much is pretty obvious) it just boils down to a simple matter of courtesy. It would have taken a very simple gesture to acknowledge the fan art design as a way of reaching out to fans. it’s a careless missed opportunity by DC in my book.
    This way it just seems like they ran out of ideas and copied it because they can…

  7. aceofknaves88 says:

    Lee Bermejo, the artist who created this comic, has been drawing the Joker and Harley Quinn in this manner for quite some time. In fact, Bermejo’s art inspired the look of The Joker in The Dark Knight, not the other way around. Sorry, but I think your art looks like Bermejo’s, not Bermejo’s art looks like yours.

  8. joshmc says:

    ^ Do you have any other examples of his design of Harley Quinn prior to 2007? Please provide me with a link if possible.

  9. JP says:

    I reserch the disigns of Harley’s costumes and I fund this.


    The only who looks like yours is the Bermejo’s 2008 Joker graphic novel design.
    I also fund that Bermejo make a lot of concept art for Nolan’s movies and the Joker, Harvey Dent and the Scarcrow apperence are the result of that work.

  10. kr says:

    jp, the fact is they are very similar. the diamonds on the jacket itself. the way the neck piece is almost the same size.

    it’s a bit too close for comfort. however, since your design is of a character that isn’t your own you don’t really have much of a case to stand on…

    I don’t think they will admit to anything… or even contact you back…

  11. joshmc says:

    ^ I’ve pretty much given up on trying to get in contact with DC, I figure there’s other stuff to concentrate on.

  12. Masquerade says:

    Shout Out?

  13. The Joker says:

    As great as your art is, they finished the pre-planning to half of these panels way before yours was up.

    But I have to say, yours is fantastic!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Maybe but the comic book looks way better.

  15. PP Williams says:

    “As great as your art is, they finished the pre-planning to half of these panels way before yours was up.”

    You’re kidding right? We’re talking about comics right??! Apparently you have ZERO idea how the production cycle on those things work. NONE. Unless the writer specified her outfit in ludicrous detail (they didn’t) then there is no way the span from June 2007 to 2008 could have enveloped this as “before” the manip was up. Artists can only take a day to a page basically, in special cases maybe two. And we’re talking about hours here really. That page probably took at most 6 hours for the penciler (that’s pushing it) and yes that includes “pre-planning”. …whatever part of the process that is supposed to refer to???

    Dang! I can’t stand ignorant people who speak cynical bullcrap for no good reason… on a subject that actually means something to other people.

    Anyways, at least it not a full-on trace like that one artist at Marvel does… But yes it’s a rip. I do like the top cut on the corset and the jacket/short sleeves a bit more though.

    Really love the blog btw 🙂

  16. Indhira says:

    hmmm they didn’t miss the neck collar XD, so maybe they ‘took yours as reference’

  17. WAS says:

    It has to be based on your design! she’s even holding the gun and knife in the same way!

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