Wonder Woman Teaser 2

I was originally going to turn my previous Wonder Woman photo manipulation into a movie still but ran into a few brain hurdles, so as a result I’ve just turn it into a new movie poster concept.

, my last teaser concept was misinterpreted by a few places as being legitimate, (there’s even a Facebook WW movie page using it), also the Website address on the design is for the Animated Wonder Woman movie coming to DVD next year.

EDIT: Slight update to the poster, different spear and aligned the fonts better.

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6 comments on “Wonder Woman Teaser 2
  1. streetkid says:

    loving this poster keep it up also are u going to do a Green Arrow and The Flash poster.

  2. joshmc says:

    Most likely a Flash one somewhere down the line, Green Arrow maybe.

  3. streetkid says:

    cool i cant wait to see will u do some tutorials also u should submit your design to WB they need someone like u to help them out with there comicbook charcators to live action film

  4. Ellington says:

    Another winner! Do you think you could do one of her in her Battle armour? The special armour she wears with the wings?
    Keep up you good and skillful work JoshMC ! : )

  5. iskandar salim says:

    very very impressive works, man! Do you Poser for your works? At closer look, i realized the “body” here is a Poser generated one. It looks frickin’ real!

    I do photo manips using Poser too, feel free to drop by my website : http://www.iskandarsalim.com

    Keep up the amazing works

  6. joshmc says:

    Actually, I don’t use 3D software, I use body Stock images, what you’re seeing are photographed body parts.

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