Kristen Bell knows about my Harley Quinn artworks

This video link below had me somewhat freaking out when I first saw it.

Kristen Bell Honored By ‘Batman 3′ Fan Art That Casts Her As Harley Quinn

Needless to say I was in shock when the reporter actually asked Kristen about my Harley Quinn artworks. In case she does eventually see the designs, (and on the off chance she reads this) I hope you get a kick out of them Miss Bell.

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3 comments on “Kristen Bell knows about my Harley Quinn artworks
  1. Ishmayl says:

    Very awesome. I still think she would be ridiculously perfect for the role.

  2. luiz gustavo says:

    I AM DEAF, I LOVE Harley Quinn YES YES YES!!

  3. vt says:

    this is so cute i wonder how they would of rocked the t.v screen

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