Harley Quinn Dark Knight Still

The April Fools gag that never was, made this especially for April Fools day but chickened out at the last minute, something about angry fanboys brandishing torches and pitchforks made me rethink it.

The idea was to get a bunch of film and comic sites involved with the gag and see the fan boy reaction, the beauty part is that as I live in Australia, we get April Fools Day first, so suspicion would have been minimal. Kristen Bell’s quotes saying she’d like to play Harley Quinn was going to be the base of the gag, the idea was she was purposely going around saying that when in actual fact she’d already been cast, to sort of throw people off the scent, then this image would have been released by a WB ‘insider’. I’m curious to know how all that would have played out. Anyway, here’s the before and after shot below.

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26 comments on “Harley Quinn Dark Knight Still
  1. mary says:

    i dont tghink she would be a good harley quinn there are other people that would play a better harley quinn. i sorry but i think that was a bad call if she does play harley quinn i would be very disappointed. 😦

  2. Faraz says:

    where did you find the jester hat?

  3. joshmc says:

    ^ I think it was from some costume website, can’t remember exactly.

  4. Vexx West / Mr.J says:

    I love this before and after shot, if this was done using a photoshop or done by make up artists doesnt matter

    i have always enjoyed Harley Quinn’s moments, i personally feel that it was about time that she was due her own show

    I agree that this isnt the best choice for our up-to-date Quinn. First, she needs to have a bit more breast than displayed above and we need acrobatic skills too! Looks are not entirely essential because of the make up. Although the hair isnt offical and in-line with the comics i will forgive it because it looks fucking awesome

    Please tell me that there will be a new Harley, a good Harley, someone better than that half-assed, fake piece of shit known as Heath Ledger who destroyed Joker’s reputation.

    The Joker was a schemer, he didnt just do things, he did “introduce a bit of anarchy, upset the established order” but i feel that the Joker was poorly played. Mr.Ledger should’ve stuck with something else. Also if he had, we would still have our recent Joker.

    Oh well, Rant over


  5. Mike Vargas says:

    I think Kristen Bell is a wonderful actress and I do immier her alot but I don’t believe she would be the right choice to play Harley Quinn but the work on her dose look good.

  6. tyler massan says:

    harley rocks try to look for a person is flexible and bigger boobs and a creepy laugh

  7. luiz gustavo says:

    I LOVE Harley Quinn…… YES YES YES! YES MOVIE!

  8. Cait633 says:

    Dude! You are awesome! The stuff you do is incredible!
    One thing, I would leave Harley with the pony-tale, all of the Harleys i have ever seen has a pig-tales or or pony-tales. Otherwise, great!,
    Good choice in actress!

  9. Cait633 says:

    By the way, I’d love to see a Poison Ivy Picture done. Perhaps Harley and Poison together? I don’t know, just a suggestion.

  10. Steven says:

    i think she would be a great harley,
    In Heroes she basically played the character,
    Harley Quinn was a girl who looks young (kristen) emotionally insane( Kristens character in hero’s) and a villain(same) i think this art is perfect but she could not be in batman 3, it would have to be in a movie about Harley, kinda like catwoman with halle berry even though that movie was a big bust….If they made a Harley Quinn Movie, with Poison ivy, i think it would work out, have some sort of attraction to a detective, i dont know.. theres got to be some sort of crazy love conflict but if we stick to the comic, we need the joker, and heath is my only joker….haha… so it would have to be tampered with….yeaa

  11. Steven says:

    i don’t think harley needs big boobs hahah, i mean sure, but Harley is a immature character, young…. but Kristen is very pretty and im pretty sure i read somewhere that she used to dance in musical theater, so im sure shes flexible, disagree if you like…but i agree with you josh…the idea of this being a movie makes me very excited.. even though there’s a good chance it would bomb…there can only be so many Bman movies…and i think Batman 3 is happening, but its a penguin riddler thing…

  12. deanna says:

    Harley Quinn isn’t about having big boobs…she’s a lost young girl who falls in love with the Joker. She’s innocent and classy…but also bad ass…not a trashy whore…

  13. Steven says:

    yes… haha you know what, im gonna write the script and when i have my BFA, when i get one, ima call her up and make the movie….and it will blow the world away……maybe…..i dont think it will happen, good to dream though.

  14. Ivan says:

    I disagree that Harley needs big breasts to look great. She is just a lost girl turned into a criminal — not some stupid hooker. Not to mention that as she is quite a gymnist, she wouldn’t have large breasts (go ahead and disagree, but how often do you see a busty gymnist in the Olympics?).

    Couldn’t say if I’d like Kristen as Harley; she looks great in the costume, but could she successfully portray her without ruining her?

    As I said, the costume is great, and I love her face make-up! Makes her look totally bad (though simply misguided), innocent, and creepishly pretty at the same time! Though give the hair style a change towards girlishness.
    I think she has got to be in the next Bman film as she has yet to get any deserved film glory like the rest of the best villians.

  15. Masquerade says:

    She looks good as Harley and I have confidence in her acting skills. 🙂 I would be very pleased if this actually happened.

  16. CodeKitsy says:

    I can honestly say that’s an interesting cast! Judging from her time on Heroes I think that character is sort of reminiscent of Harley so she would have the potential to do a good job. I liked her in that role. =D

  17. MR.X says:


  18. MrGuyNice says:

    I think Brittany murphy would have been the best Harley Quinn. To bad shes dead. Dont know about someone else playing here. Harley is very special, its hard to get the right little something.

  19. HARLEY!! says:

    Dude! Heath Ledger rocked the joker! Bests movie ever! She is an awesome Harley and I myself would like to be her.

  20. Dani says:

    Evan Rachel Wood 4 Harley
    She’s petite but curvy and has a dark kind of sex appeal with innocence
    She is also young, although gymnastics might be an issue, but hey, that’s what stunt doubles are for

  21. DeAnna Frost says:

    i would make the best Harley Quinn. im having a director work on it right now

  22. Tosh says:

    Great job at “dressing” her up, but… I don’t think she’s gonna be good at Harley Quinn either (just like a few other people from comments above).. Can you do the same but for Alexis Bledel? 😀 She can be so much better at being Harley Quinn, I think 😉

    Best wishes

  23. Harley-----cosplayer says:

    SO think she should be Harley, but, I think that Rachel Mccadams wouldn’t make a bad Harley either. I would say Anna Farris, but she’s to…what’s the word…AAAHHHH!

  24. Ryan says:

    I disagree, I think she would make an at least fair Harley Quinn. She’s good at playing moody and not quite all there with her mentality type roles.

  25. Elizabeth says:

    Allison Mack would make a good Harley. She definitely got dark at some points in Smallville, did action sequences, and could still play the innocent part.

  26. Rain says:

    Harley Quinn Rocks! who ever makes the cut, just do already, can’t wait to see the movie! its about time ;-/

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