If Women Ruled The Earth 2: Lokia

Well this was a pain.  Took me 6 attempts to get this right, still not entirely happy with it due to the lack of quality Loki imagery available compared to other cast members of Avengers, so this is the best I could do under those circumstances.  I would have preferred to have her in the daytime like the others but there wasn’t the necessary daytime images to use so a night image was the only option.  Actress chosen by popular demand is Rooney Mara, I had someone else in mind but quite a few people wanted Rooney so I did a test with her and to my surprise she actually looked better than the actresses I’d chosen, so kudos to all who suggested her, you all saw something I didn’t. :)


Edit: This was originally going to be the last in this series however lots of people have wanted to see the rest of the Avengers line up.  I hadn’t actually planned to do anymore than the 4 main Avengers plus Loki but I’m now thinking about completing the line up (including dude Black Widower which to be honest I have no idea how to do).  I’m not 100% committed to finishing the line up as there’s other projects I wish to get done, so I may leave this series as is for the moment and revisit it in a couple weeks and see how I feel about it then.

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Well this is kinda awesome – Alison Brie with my Miss America manip

Screen shot 2013-01-29 at 7.59.04 AM

In what has to be one of the biggest holy shit moments of my life here is Alison Brie with my manip of her as Miss America via MTV .  Forgive me for not embedding this video directly, MTV makes it very hard to embed their stuff on wordpress.  I’ll see if I can download it and post on here later on.  The direct link to the video is below.


Update:  I’ve uploaded the video for all to see because apparently some people on the planet couldn’t view it before.  Damn you Viacom.  Forgive the quality, the only way to get the video was doing a screen record.

Glad you like it Miss Brie.  I must say it prints out pretty well. Haven’t had the chance to do that myself. :)

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Commissioned Piece – Man of Steel style costume

Was tossing up whether to post this here or not given this was an actual paying job, but I figure I may as well.  I got a request from a young lady called Alexis to do a profile image of her as a superhero for her new job at IGN (you can follow Alexis on Twitter here).  Anyway long story short this was a last minute job that I somehow managed to get done in a single day with few Man of Steel costume images to work with, so I’m not entirely happy with the results, but she loved it so that’s all that matters. :)


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If Women Ruled The Earth 2: Lady Hulk

Yes, yes, I know She-Hulk exists, no need to point that out to me, this isn’t meant to be her, it’s meant to be a female Bruce Banner (Bryce Banner? I dunno). Anyway, this proved to be freakin’ difficult as hell to do.  On paper at least Lady Hulk seemed like the easiest character to do however I wasn’t prepared for the lack of good quality images of the Hulk from Avengers, on top of that I had to find a fairly dynamic image to manipulate onto, as a result I’m not entirely happy with how this looks but it’s as good as I could have made it with the images available to me. As for who is the basis for Lady Hulk, well I’ve taken one of the most beautiful women on the planet and hulk-ified her up, that’s right it’s Rachel Weisz, I was struggling for a 40-something actresses to use before someone suggested her to me.

Update: I just realised the original imagine was a tad darker than the other Avengers Girls images so I’ve just brightened it up a fraction.


Edit: Just added a comparison shot of the work in progress transformation of Ms Weisz to Lady Hulk. Hit the link to see this beautiful woman turning into a giant green rage monster.

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If Women Ruled The Earth 2: Thora

Hehehe.  Who else but Amber Heard for Thora? :) <3


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If Women Ruled the Earth 2 : Miss America

Long time no see folks!  Sorry for delays, last few months have been hectic and has left me little time for personal projects, I’m hoping that will change for 2013.  Anyway, here’s a Christmas present for you all, the continuation of my Female Avengers team following my Iron Maiden design I did a while back.  Next up Miss America, portrayed by the lovely Alison Brie. I went without the helmet for two reasons, 1 -  I couldn’t find an suitable image to fit the direction of the head, and 2 – I just love Alison. <3

EDIT – Sorry, I noticed a slight error on her arm that I had to fix, all good now. BTW hope to have the next character done in a couple of days – hint she’s blonde. ;)

SECOND EDIT – Next character. Thora


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If Women Ruled the Earth 2: Iron Maiden

Hey folks, been a very long time since I’ve posted something, been a combination of actual paying jobs as well as other commitments which have prevented me from being able to do any fan art in recent months, but hopefully things will start to change.  Some may remember a while back I did a series called ‘If Women Ruled the Earth’ for The Dark Knight featuring the Dark Dame, Jokeress, and Haley Two-Face, well now I’m doing one for the Avengers.  First up Iron Maiden, the casting choice is Sandra Bullock as she’s the closest I could think of to a female Robert Downey Jr in terms of age and personality.  More of these to come.  :)


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